Instagram Followers 2017: New Ways on How to Increase Your Followers this 2017


Instagram has been making lots and lots of adjustment in its feature since it was launched in the year 2010. From video-sharing service to different photographic filters, the Instagram has been introducing and improving its own features to increase its popularity on the market.

Photographic Filters in the Instagram

There are many ways on how to increase your instagram followers 2017. But the most basic of all is that before you could ever think of doing other things, stick on how to improve your photos through the use of photographic filters.

At first, the Instagram was made as a mere photo-sharing site, however, its rapid increase in popularity to the Millennials gave way for more possibilities that we could never have imagined. The photographic filters are primarily made to increase the likes of the photos that we share on the Instagram. There are many photographic filters that Instagram have today, these include:

  • Normal
  • Amaro
  • Brannan
  • Earlybird
  • Hefe
  • Hudson
  • Inkwell
  • Kelvin
  • Lo-fi

The normal filter means no filter was applied to the photo. The Amaro filter is used to add light to the image so that focus will just be the center of the photo. The Brannan is used to increase the exposure and contrast of the photo, moreover, it also used in adding metallic tint to the image. The Earlybird filter was used if you want an older look to the photo, basically, it just manipulates the image by introducing a warm temperature and sepia tint. The Hefe is a filter that provides a high saturation and contrast to the image. The Hudson is a filter that is used to create an icy illusion with cool tint, heightened shadows, and dodged center. The Inkwell is a black-and-white version of the image. The Kelvin is a filter that increases the temperature and saturation of the image to create a radiant glow.