Big firm capabilities. Small firm relationships.

The Firm’s lawyers are products of some of the country’s best law schools and all were trained at large, national law firms. We have chosen to practice at Kleinbard because a law firm of our size provides a truly team-oriented work environment with our colleagues and the flexibility to develop practices in the areas that interest us.

Because the Firm does not hire lawyers who have just completed law school, our clients are spared the cost of training new associates. Just as important, because our lawyers have decided to practice in a smaller setting after having trained at large firms, we do not experience the turnover typical of many law firms. As a result, our clients develop long-term relationships with the lawyers who work on their matters, and we gain a multi-faceted understanding of our clients’ businesses.



Core Values

For over 75 years, we have created a place where our lawyers genuinely enjoy the practice of law and our clients reap the benefits of having committed, enthusiastic professionals help them puzzle through complicated issues.

At Kleinbard, providing exceptional client service is at the heart of everything we do.

Trusted Advisors

We are comfortable dealing directly with businesspeople and providing advice and counseling that is not purely legal in nature. We think that makes us better lawyers and more attuned to client needs.


We do not have a single staffing model for client matters. If a deal or lawsuit can be handled responsibly by a single lawyer, it will be. In fact, a large percentage of the work we handle involves just two members of our team. For other matters, a lead attorney will deploy several others with the specific expertise to provide the client with the right mix of advice.


Lawyers with the expertise you need will work on your matter.


Lawyers who are dedicated to learning and understanding your business will analyze your complex issues and provide strategic, practical real world advice.


Lawyers who won’t impose a one-size-fits-all approach will work with you to devise an efficient cost-effective plan to achieve your business objectives – whether your matter involves a transaction, a dispute or a compliance issue.